10 Vegan Wines for the Holidays.

MUST BE 21 or older to read on.

You may be reading this and thinking ‘What do you mean vegan wine? Isn’t all wine vegan?’. The answer is no. A lot of wines are processed with isinglass (fish bladder protein!), albumin (egg whites), or casein (milk protein). Don’t fret though. I’ve put together a list of my favorite wines to bring to a party, as a gift for a vegan in your life or have your own party with. I put links to buy online, but shipping is expensive so I suggest you just call your local liquor store.

I’ll get on writing the best vegan cheeses and spreads to pair them with. Until then, cheers!


Little Black Dress ($10ish, drink up HERE.)
*Note: All their whites are vegan, but their reds are not.









Meiomi ($12ish, drink up HERE.)








Kung Fu Girl ($12ish, drink up HERE.)







Chateau St. Michelle ($15ish, drink up HERE.)
*Note: Not all Chateau St. Michelle are vegan. 2008, 2011-on are.









Menage a Trois ($1oish. Drink up, HERE.)








The Velvet Devil ($11ish. Drink up, HERE.)







Pinot Nior

Underwood- ($15ish. Drink up, HERE.)
Note: Only 2016-on is vegan.









Garnet ($16ish, drink up HERE.)








Sauvignon Blanc

Beckman Vineyards ($20ish, drink up HERE.)










Haywire ($20ish, drink up HERE.)

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